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Perfect! Hot, sunny days (but where’s the humidity!), roses are flowering, lavender is in bloom, stonefruit abounds, look out for the bees!

Go swimming in a cool stream at Girraween, don’t forget your picnic basket, filled with local produce of course! Stroll along the banks of Quart Pot Creek!

Now is the time to take photos of lavender in bloom, treat yourself to a bunch of these freshly fragrant flowers! Wander through gardens abounding in roses! Admire the butterflies and listen to the steady hum of the bees! Look out for the pink and white cosmos or the brilliant yellow coreopsis in the orchards and on the roadside! Grapes are being harvested, ready for this year’s vintage, stonefruit is picked and berries abound. Enjoy fresh local fruit and berries and buy some more to take home!

Enjoy a cool local wine on the shady verandah of your personal country retreat and know that you won’t be suffering through yet another hot, humid night back home in the city! Our nights are never too hot or humid!

Make sure you bring a hat and some sunscreen, you’ll need it!









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